Sample Packing List and Tips


for those with the GANAS travel style

(staying in hostels, etc.)


but can apply to other situations)

Keep in mind, everything suggested here is optional (just an idea to guide you)

and it all depends on your preferences and what you do during the trip

1. You want to make sure your luggage fits in the hostel or airport lockers

2. Luggage Weight

For flights to small local cities, you are allowed to check-in one bag for free, provided it is below 15kg (33lbs). International flights usually allows for more weight. Make sure to check the airline website.

Sometimes, you have to pay to check in luggage (ex: local flights within Germany)

If it’s overweight and it’s carry on, you may need to check it in.

If it’s overweight, you will need to pay sometimes $50 more..or right then and there at the airport, you will need to take some stuff out and put it in another bag in order to disperse the weight.

3. Roll your clothes when you pack, you can fit a LOT more!

  • Bring 1 small rolling CARRY ON luggage or duffel bag or large backpack
  • and/or maybe medium size handbag (if you have a purse, you can always try to squeeze that person into a medium size bag)
  • I’ve also brought plastic bags of souvenirs, etc. before – (only time I had I had an issue bringing a backpack, small luggage, and another bag for carry on was in Chicago and TACA airline to South America)

Clothes to Pack (for staying full 13 days) –

of course you can bring less or more clothes – up to your preference!

  • At least 3 pants and/or 1 leggings/tights
  • At least 5 casual thin shirts and/or sweaters during the day
  • 4 sweatpants/shirts to sleep in/wear – if we do any nature, active stuff
  • 1 small thin towel
  • 1 small thin blanket or thin bed liner. It limits your chances of bed bug bites (sometimes it happens) it’s light, and it does keep you warm!
  • thermals/long johns
  • LAYERS – maybe 1 outfit that is for slightly cool, warm (not freezing temperature)

Going out clothes for clubs-

  • 4 dressy/shirts(they’re small and easy to fit)- you can check in your jackets in at the club?


  • 1 comfortable/casual shoes
  • 1 nice, but comfortable shoes for going out partying/clubs
  • shower slippers

Wearing on the plane:

  • 1 long poofy/heavy jacket
  • 1 light jacket
  • boots (Wear for rain, snow and the club! haha)

Toiletries (remember: tiny liquids in a plastic bag)

  • 3 small travel size shampoo, tissue, 1 small travel size bodywash, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.
  • Extra toilet paper (some countries like Spain, Thailand, Argentina don’t have ample supply of toilet paper or soap!)
  • at least 1 heavy socks, 1 long socks, 3 short socks
  • airborne just in case? Cold Medicine, or Tylenol/fever reducer?
  • Extra tea! Cough drops/lozenges
  • antibacterial soap
  • plastic bag


  • 1 umbrella
  • beanie, gloves, scarf, hat

Travel Necessities

  • Make sure to disperse the money- don’t keep it all in your wallet or in 1 place (put some money in luggage, some in your wallet, etc. – JUST IN CASE
  • license
  • passport
  • ATM card and maybe 1 credit card
  • 2 copies of passport and license (give copy to someone at home)
  • 2 copies of list of all addresses/contacts’ phone numbers (1 copy for someone at home)
  • camera
  • bring extra lock just in case – for lockers
  • thin, light travel books & maps
  • pen & paper
  • 1 money belt
  • extra memory cards for digital camera (2 gigs of space?)
  • snacks for flight?
  • luggage space for souvenirs
  • phone charger, camera charger, and converter/adapter (220 Volts (2 prong) for Europe and Argentina)
  • Ear plugs, mini flashlight and eye mask.
  • laundry detergent:  It might be much cheaper than having it washed at the hotel, and safer than having it done by local laundry service.
  • DON’T bring anything VERRYY valuable to you (flashy jewelry, etc)
  • Optional:
  • small laptop or phone with internet
  • MP3 player and/or small speaker to play music wherever you walk, travel, or like in the streets and make friends with the locals!
  • Print out Travel Ganas Recommendation Lists! 🙂