“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
-St. Augustine



Tienes Ganas de Viajar y Explorar?

Do you have the Travel Ganas?




  • Provide travelers the “Must See, Eat, & Do”, unique, local, and personal recommendations and ensure that travelers have an amazing “maximizing” experience
  • To share the wealth of knowledge/experiences you would not know from travel books or other travel websites
  • To learn and live another cultural lifestyle
  • To share our reflections and cultural lessons
  • To highlight the lives of fascinating people we have met



This user-friendly website serves as a convenient, efficient tool that can save you time researching reviews and recommendations for various countries/cities.  Feel free to browse Culture, Food, Nightlife, Sightseeing, Transportation, and unique city highlights by category or by country/city.  

Please contact us if you are interested in submitting your reviews as well.



We adopt the “Study Abroad Cultural Immersion” attitude in making extra efforts to “go out of our comfort zone”, learn the language, meet and get to know the locals, as well as learn about the culture.



We were fortunate to have met wonderful people during our travels in other countries.  After just meeting them for a short while, we “made friends” with these friendly locals; they were hospitable, kind, and expected nothing in return.  They showed us around, drove us around, introduced us to their friends, let us stay at their places for “free”, cooked for us, and gave us awesome recommendations.  We want to do the same for other travelers and now it’s our turn to give back.

We love sharing our advice, experiences, and recommendations to the world so that others won’t “miss out”, they will “soak up” the city, and have an awesome time like we did.   We hope you find this wealth of knowledge and resource helpful to your travels.



Traveling and living abroad- “living” another cultural lifestyle- makes us feel ALIVE.  We hope the LOVE of travel will help others be more open and aware of international affairs, grow, learn, make a positive impact on others, as well as appreciate every culture and this beautiful world we live in.




Happy and Safe Travels to you all!