Must See: Mateo Live in Concert at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA

Must See: Mateo In Concert

at The Roxy

in Hollywood, CA

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Intimate, yet spacious venue for numerous famous bands in the past.

Great venue for new, up and coming artists.

It has a rock/”grunge” feel to it, you can also get food, and it’s usually 2 drink minimum.

Large area to dance and 2 bars Near the Key Club and other clubs/lounges.

Parking can get expensive starting at $10-$20 or there is usually valet.

Most shows are all ages. Tickets range from $10-$30 dollars



Must See:

Acoustic- Neo Soul, R&B, beautiful falsetto, and soothing piano player!

Featured Songs:
Get to Know Me + Dance Remix
Beautiful People Guetta Remix


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