Must Do Nightlife in Denver, Colorado


As far as dress attire going out to the bars, most people are dressed very casual, laid back (not like Hollywood or Vegas all “decked” out in fancy dresses, heels, etc.).  You also wouldn’t be surprised to find people in the streets wearing boots, cowboy hats, and/or paired with jeans. 

The Lower Downtown (LoDo) is a great area. There are tons of bars on Market and Larimer. You could also take a bus or probably $10 cab and explore some of the bars a little south of downtown. You’ll find food carts on the street and “rickshaw” guys on bikes/carts that will drive you wherever.

*As a rule of thumb in Denver, if there is a cover charge you probably don’t want to be there anyway!

It’s also a bit strange that you will find places that have a cover of $2 or $3 or some “odd” number. At most, the cover will be $5-$10 unless you’re going to:

***Beta Nightclub  

  • Considered one of the Top Clubs in North America!
  • $10-20 cover, electro/house music 
  • Really? Entire North America?? This is SHOCKING!


 You can do pretty much all these bars in 2 nights if you are ambitious!


*** 1)    The Tavern

  • Voted the best rooftop in Denver this place gets packed on the weekends, and not in a good way.
  • Enjoy the rooftop during happy hour when you won’t have to pay the $1-$3 cover, yes, $1.
  • I really liked ‘the tavern’.. there’s multiple locations but we went to the one in centennial (south denver, by the ikea) had a good happy hour and specials every day and a nice bar atmosphere



2)*** The Grizzly Rose

  • $5-$10 cover depending of if there is live music.
  • This country dance hall is located off I-25 just north of downtown Denver. If you’re in the mood for some line dancing or bull ridin’ this is the place to go.  It turns out the Grizzley Rose’s (western saloon) dance nights are Thursdays and Sundays only
  • They have concerts on the weekend= more expensive and less fun unless you really dig country music.



3)*** Rock Bar

  • Located on the ground floor of perhaps the sketchiest motel in Denver this place is awesome.
  • Head here around 1:00am for cheap drinks and a dance party like you’ve never seen before.
  • Rock Bar is on Colfax Ave. and there is no cover charge.



4) Lodo’s Bar & Grill

Downtown has one of the best rooftops cause it overlooks Coor’s Field where the Rockies play and it is like 3 stories with dancing on the bottom floor



5) Hayter’s

 Fun, local bar. You can dance or hang out. Sports bar, pub, laid back vibe.  We got there after 1am and we were able to convince the Bouncer. He was nice enough to let us in without a cover!

6) One Up

Long line on the weekends around 11pm, fairly young crowd, underground, casual, filled with arcade games, pinball machines, outdoor patio, and the famous GIANT Jenga!! Quite a unique experience!


***7) The Cowboy Lounge

EVERYONE has cowboy hats and flannel shirts/jeans on! Even the bartenders.

  • Outdoor patio, huge wide bar jam packed with people. Mixed in age range, couples twirling each other around, friends just having  a good time – good clean ol fun!  Everyone singing at the top of their lungs!
  • VERY FUN atmosphere
  • LINE DANCING! MUST EXPERIENCE once in your life! The entire room doing two stepping, electric slide, cupid shuffle. 
  • It’s a bit crowded. There’s two bars, areas to sit, and a stage.
  • Next door to the Tavern.  Cover after 11pm? It has a posh country vibe with line dancing early and then hip-hop & pop.


8) Shwerver’s

On thursday you order a drink and roll a die, if you get odd/even right, it’s free! 

9) Armida’s

For karaoke

10) El Chapultepec

Cover, Jazz, and Salsa Dancing – walking distance near all other bars

11) La Rumba

Salsa band and dancing!

12) Brother’s Bar and Grill

13) The Gin Mill

Great place for drinks

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