Must Eat Food Recommendations for Denver, Colorado



 Denver is known for Coors Light Beer, Celestial Seasonings Tea, Buffalo Burger, Rocky Mountain Oysters, as well as tasty unique Denver Beer and Breweries! Like any city, it has great modern city food, but what is unique is the “Western flavor” from its History juxtaposed with the young “environment and fitness conscious” locals’ taste buds attuned health-conscious preferences.  There are several restaurants and food places with gourmet, organic, and alternative healthy options.  There are also so many great, cute brunch places as well!


1)    H BurgerCo

  • A typical burger joint serving up everything  from pesto mushroom to bison burgers.
  • The fries are fantastic, but their specialty are the nitrogen infused Nutella and roasted marshmallow ice creams shakes.
  • This casual restaurant is located in LoDo on the 16th Street Mall just south of Blake Street.



***2) Snooze

  • A wonderful brunch institution this 50’s inspired restaurant is packed from open to close, especially on the weekends.  Amazing different types of pancakes, butters, syrups, and sauces! Usually LONG lines!
  • Make sure to try their pumpkin bellini served during the Fall months.
  • There are several locations throughout Denver with a new location opening in Boulder.



3) Osteria Marco

  • Pizza done right. Located on Larimer and 15th St. in downtown Denver Osteria Marco has arguably the best pizza in town. Be sure to request an egg on top of any of their 7+ specialty pizzas.



4) The Fort

  • Located off I-70 near the town of Morrison this (pricey) place has gorgeous views and serves  Western specialties such as rattlesnake and Rocky Mountain oysters.




5) ***The Market

  • This place has everything from fresh pastries to massive sandwiches to zesty pastas. A great spot to drop in for lunch for to grab a coffee and people watch in the evening.
  • The Market is located next to Osteria Marco on 15th and Larimer in downtown Denver.




6) 9th Door Tapas



7) Mercury Cafe

  • For fun cultural stuff and vegan fine dining



8) Illegal Petes

  • Super good super quick Mexican food



9) The Margs


10) The Denver Rio

  • Excellent. On Sunday nights they have beginner swing dancing classes upstairs.


11) Ocean Prime

  • Restaurant we went to in downtown and it was pretty fancy.. steak and seafood and stuff.. good crabcakes

2 thoughts on “Must Eat Food Recommendations for Denver, Colorado

    • Awesome! Yes, we looove Snooze and the Market! which other ones do you recommend?

      If you’d like to share your photos/videos, recommendations, etc. we’ll be happy to post it and tag you or promote you/your blog/site if you’d like! 🙂

      You can email us at or you can fill out the “Submit Your Recommendations” Form on our site! Thanks for your comment!

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