Must Do Nightlife in New York City

New York Nightlife

 New York: The “city that never sleeps”

If you’re up for it, New York can be just like EUROPE where you can go to 7 places in 1 night- no cover, no line, and “no worries” about dress code (unless you’re going to the upscale, high end places such as the clubs in Midtown or Meatpacking District).  Often times, the night really is “beginning” when people arrive at the bars at 1am.  Places close at 4am or even later.  It’s possible you can go to a beer garden, a concert at McCarren Park in Brooklyn, a show at the Bowery Ballroom, Sake Bomb KaraokeEggs Benedict at 3am, Greek Restaurant at 4am, or the MOST AMAZING, HOT spicy Chicken and Rice off the streets that you will ever have in your life!  You can always find an after hours club til the morning time (similar to Miami).  This city is jam packed with so many different bars, clubs, lounges, late night restaurants, etc.  Because there is so much competition, often times, bars will close just after 2-3 years and a brand new one opens again.  There is a nightlife “scene” for practically any subculture or person’s interest and if you “want it to be”, New York’s nightlife can seriously be one of the craziest times of your life!   (However, a different style compared to Vegas of course – not as crazy as VEGAS)-  you just never know what will happen by the end of the night and who you’re going to meet from all over the world.

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  • Filled with lots of people in the streets and the night is just getting started at 1am
  • All walking distance
  • SO MUCH FUN! You can go to 7 places + in 1 night
  • More laid back as far as dress and fashion
  • No cover!


1) La Caverna

  • Looks like a cave inside
  • Pretty cool looking and you feel like you’re in “ride” at an “Amusement Park”
  • You can dance here!


2) Piano’s Bar

  • 2 levels
  • You can dance, great music
  • Local crowd


*** 3) Bowery Ballroom

  • Amazing bands!
  • Feels more like a concert/show venue
  • Long Lines


*** 5) The Living Room

  • Lower East Side
  • Random local bands and is kind of a dive bar that you end up making friends with everyone after sticking around for 1 hr
  • Laid back, red, dim lighting ambience
  • “Homey”, cozy, small, and “feels like a living room”



6) Libations

Great Drinks and atmosphere!




Outside East Village/ Near Midtown

1)   Bar 13 

  • On 13th street between University Place and Broadway closer to University
  • 3rd floor
  • Thursday, Fri, or Saturdays at 1am-3am is poppin
  • House music open til all morning – different rooms and levels


2) ***”235th” – Midtown- Highly Recommended

View from 235th Rooftop Bar

  • No cover
  • 2 Levels – carpeted restaurant/lounge/bar with huge panoramic view of the city and Rooftop Bar
  • More fancy, upscale
  • In the lower level lounge, there’s a DJ, and you can “make your own area to dance”
  • You can see view of empire state building at the Rooftop Bar
  • They give you big, red thick “Hugh Heffner” robes when it’s raining
  • Midtown


3)      The frying Pan– Port near Midtown – Highly Recommended

Rooftop Bar, Restaurant, and Band

View from Rooftop Bar of the Boat

Skyline View from the Boat

  • By the port..Port 49?
  • There’s a band!
  • Great food and drinks
  • You can sit, eat, and drink on the upper level, rooftop of this boat
  • No cover
  • You see a beautiful night skyline view


4)      Underbar


5)      Tonic

  • Always a comfortable nice vibe.


6)      Angels Share


7)      Lit


8)      No Idea

  • The gramercy park watering hole for “broke people” aka NO MONEY
  • Stiff drinks at decent prices like 7-10.


9) Maru

  • In korea town which is an all in one spot
  • good food, karayoke, and awesome looking spaceship like architecture


10) Madame X

  • If you are a regular and friends with the bartender, free drinks all around!
  • It is a bordello-esque bar in the basement floor
  • In the west village and plays really good hip hop/r&B/soul etc.
  • Outdoor patio, small, interesting decor


11) The Park



12) Touch


13) Waverly Inn

Upscale hot spot



14) Hotel Vansevoort

Upscale hot spot as well!





  • Around $20+ cover
  • (As usual in typical American Culture, people get very dressed up – collared shirts, nice shoes, sexy dresses, heels, etc.)


1) Hiro



2) M2 aka Mansion

  • JayZ goes here!!


3) Brass Monkey

More dance clubs in the meatpacking district



After Hours

1) Ding Dong

  • Upper west side
  • Open late hours
  • Fun DIVE bar with an eclectic mix of personalities
  • If you make friends with the bartender – again free drinks!


2) Fat Cat

  • Beer Pong, shuffleboard, darts, games, a college students’ DREAM hang out!
  • Next to NYU in West Side other late night spot open past 4am and it is in the village
  • They have all sorts of amazing jazz musicians battling out at around 2-3am till close to 6am.
  • Of the musicians have been around since the 60s others are from europe others are our age and in the jjazz terms “f*cking cool cats”



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