Tokyo Transportation Recommendations


The metro, bus, subway, train stations are FILLED WITH SO MANY PEOPLE

Very busy! Also, sometimes it feels like a mall with 10 different floors of shopping, stores, and restaurants.

The transportation can be quite confusing. You can always ask the information booth.

Buses and Trains are on time!

They typically have vending machines at train stops (with awesome drinks)! There are several people, especially the elderly or business men, who often sleep/doze off while on the train or bus or you’ll see people reading or writing emails on their phones.

They usually have a lit up map showing you exactly where you are going or how many other stops. They also call out the city as well.

Sugi wa = means next stop

Sometimes the trains will get so busy during rush hour, the doors will close and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make it or halfway in – it will close on you!

Usually when going up an escalator, people wait and stay/stand on the left side and people pass on the right.

1. the JR Rail Pass – highly recommended!

2. Must Try –

Shinkansen which goes 100 mph from Tokyo to Kyoto – please refer to Kyoto River Boat Video post! 

  • See the following blog post:
  • Kyoto River Boat Tour

    From airport to hotel, use the JR Line or Airport Limosine Bus (it’s about 30-40 min ride from airport to Tokyo)
    To get around the city, use the very efficient and always on time subway system.
    Other than that, walk.  It is generally safe to walk around, even late at night.

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