Must See, Eat, Do Recommendations for Córdoba, Argentina


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Córdoba Culture

The historical city of Córdoba has a huge hippie, arsty culture and diverse communities. Córdoba is the second largest city in Argentina with beautiful architecture, old churches with interesting stories, and historic buildings that are more than 400 years old.  The lifestyle in Córdoba is much more laid back than the fast-paced lifestyle in Buenos Aires; it’s still a major city, but has more of a “pueblo” or “small town feeling”.

You can do everything in the capital in about 1-2 days.  Córdoba is a province full of nature, scenic, green landscapes, and hills. Córdoba is famous for all the numerous “Villas” and beautiful, quiet towns just a 1 – 4 hour bus ride outside of the city. Give yourself at least 3 days of visiting the other Villas, you can head back to the capital city where it offers more options at night and a variety of bars, restaurants, pubs, and clubs “boliches”.

Useful Córdoba Resource Sites








Nueva Córdoba

The Cabildo

      • Tourist office with a map of historic center and attractions of the city. It is located in front of the Plaza San Martin.  They provide numerous maps and cultural magazines that publish the most important events taking place in the city every month.

Manzana Jesuitica (Patrimonio de la Humanidad) con la compania de Jesus

The Patio Olmos

The Museum of Modern Art

The Parque Sarmiento (there’s a zoo)

The Tour of the Good Shepherd (Paseo del Buen Pastor)

Plaza Colon

Plaza San Martin

Casa de Trejo sede del Rectorado de la Universidad – oldest in the entire country

Colegio Nacional de Monserrat

Iglesia Capuchinos


Paseo de las Artes (weekends)


  • Rondeau
  • Buenos Aires
  • Obispo Trejo
  • Independencia
  • 25 de Mayo
  • Bvd. San Juan
  • Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen
  • Larrañaga and Av. Velez Sarsfield



Caraffa Museum

Palacio Ferreyra



Must See small cities/villas outside of Cordoba

Overall, you can do Downtown Cordoba all in 1-2 days.  What really makes Cordoba are the OUTSIDE cities/villas.  Highly recommended to buy an excursion through a travel agency that includes all bus trips to each villa (typically begins at 8am and ends at 5pm).

2 Day Itinerary:

      • 1 day in Downtown Cordoba/Nueva Cordoba
      • 1 day in Carlos Paz


If you have 4 days in the city Must See these 3 Villas:

*If you want to squeeze Carlos Paz and Villa General Belgrano in 1 day and have a more intense itinerary

1.       Villa Carlos Paz (You can leave at 8am return at 12pm)

2.      Villa General Belgrano 88 km away – 3 hours away

      • (very scenic)
      • Germany style town in the middle of the mountains
      • Famous Alpine Chocolate Festival
      • Awesome “homemade salami and goat cheese” in restaurants. If you like meat, you should eat the “goat” there

3. Alta Gracia (35kms) (the town is not that pretty) 1 hour away

      • You will find the Jesuit Estancia
      • The Museum home of Che Guevara


If you have more than 4 days in Cordoba:

1. The Cumbrecita (unique – entirely pedestrian only village) 118 km away (1 hour away)

The rest are about 3 hours away:

2.      Jesus Maria

Mina Clavero

      • The most beautiful of Cordoba which is all the way to Mina Clavero – highest mountains

3.      Villa Maria

4.      Capilla del Monte

      • Cerro Uritorco  – trekking uphill
      • 3 hour hike
      • There is an entrance fee
      • Must get there early because at 3pm you will need to go down the hill


If you have more than 1 week in Cordoba, you can also do the other following cities:

      1. San Marcos Sierra (hippie town)
      2. Barrio General Paz
      3. La Falda
      4. Los COCOS (really nice place as well)
      5. Caroya Jesus Maria and Cologne (more Jesuit estancias)

6. Condorito Gorge National Park

      • Trekking (you can do everything in one day)
      • Arrive at 9am and you can return at 7pm
      • “La Pampilla” is the entrance to the park where the bus will pick you up
      •  5.5kms to the north balcony (the creek) and 6 km further to the south balcony, this is where you can watch the condors
      • If you have gear, you can go camping here for two days



Tren de las Sierras

The train leaves the station Rodriguez del Busto leaves at 12:20 pm and arrives at 14:38 pm Cosquin.
The station is not far from downtown and can go in urban collective or taxi.

Mercado Sur

Villa Belgrano –

Later Schedules:

      • Buses leave at 5pm
      • Return 10pm
      • Leave 2:30pm
      • Return 8:20pm




Party nights are typically Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

      1. MARIA MARIA
        Club F
      3. Carreras
      4. Riveras
      5. Obras
      6. Mo
      7. Living Four
      8. Infierno

Streets and Zones/Districts where there are lots of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes:

      • Cerro de las Rosas
      • Calle La Cañada (La Cañada Street)
      • The “Chateau” – you can dance til 6am!
      • Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen
      • Rondeau



Must Try:

      • “Criollitos” or “rasquetas” in a bakery/panaderia  “picada”.
      • Warm Criollitos with ojaldre with MATE!


      • Alfajores – cookie/cake and in the middle is dulce de leche (creamier, milky, caramel) SO GOOD
      • They have lots of different flavors

Must Drink:

      • Fernet (typical herb/alcohol-based drink) con Coca Cola




      • More laid back and informal/casual



      • Featuring live bands



Intercity Colectivo (bus) or Trolebuses



Remises (private taxis, nicer, more expensive) are GREEN

      • Located outside the airport – you can call to set one up
      • Remise: 4734444 4727777.
      • You can hail a taxi from the street by the way, but just make sure they have the paper/accredited licenses on the door and the name of the company on the car.



Tango Hostel

Hola Hostel

Che Salguero

      • Salguero Che Hostel located 6 blocks from the bus station and new central cordoba is the neighborhood where the bars are very close to the main attractions to visit
      • Area is very safe


They had tickets to go to Maria Maria club. Common room to use computer and eat. 3 Outdoor terrace rooms. Not as busy/social and not a crazy party hostel – very laid back, spacious rooms, comfortable beds- cold at night and no blinds to cover the window.

Lacandona Hostel

      • Lacandona is a new hostel near bus terminal.
      • Dorms prices range from 12 dollars to 20 dollars. You can view profiles and photos of the hostel in hostelworld, remember to make a reservation by hostel world.


If you would like to add your travel advice and share your videos, stories, or experiences 🙂

feel free to post it on


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