Must See Cities in Peru: Arequipa, Aguas Calientes, Puno, Colca Canyon, and Cuzco

Must See Cities in Peru

(Besides Lima – see Travel Ganas Lima Post)

Aguas Calientes

The base of Macchu Pichu. Enjoy the aguas Calientes (hot springs) after hiking around Macchu Pichu. Get to Macchu Pichu early (before opening) to see it without people!


This a a very small city that was pretty destroyed in an earthquake since we left so I’m not sure if it’s still there, but there was a really, really interesting mummy museum NOT TO BE MISSED! Arequipa is a starting point for an excursion out to Colca Canyon- the deepest canyon in the world. The top of the canyon is famous for all of the condors in flight. Really spectacular! You can go to any travel agent around for the excursion.


A base to take a little boat out to the famous floating Uro islands that tribes built to escape from the wrath of the Incas. It only takes half a day and is quite a site to see!


From here, it is worth taking the town bus (be prepared to be squished) to Pisaq Market where they sell everything under the sun. This is a GREAT place to buy gifts. Don’t forget to bargain! There are other excursions and ruins everywhere all around. Try the big corn at the market. =)

The main plaza- Plaza de Armas often has parades, but beware that everything around there costs about 50-75% more than it should. Ask where the market is that the locals go to for really good, really cheap food.

Photography by Camilo Lopez

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