Must See, Eat, Do Recommendations for Washington D.C.

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The city of Washington D.C. stands as its own independent territory and has an identity of its own: a politically charged and culturally diverse hub of the U.S.A.  When you set foot in this city, you will meet an array of cultures almost similar to LA (mix of African American, Asian American, etc). You can also feel a different energy flowing vs. New York City and other major cities: a city whose own existence rests and revolves around politics, foreign relations, current events, government, and history.  You can’t help, but come across numerous businessmen in suits, “workaholics”, politicians, college students, interns, or international travelers (especially from Europe close by) in the pubs, restaurants, and bars in the middle of the day.

There is an “infamous happy hour culture” throughout the city – drinking, relieving stress, debating, sharing their own “American dreams”, and exchanging stories.  Although D.C. has developed a reputation of being unsafe and high crime rate (like in any city there are safe/unsafe areas), it is very appealing for its location: 5-9 hour train/bus ride from NY or short drive/few metro stops from neighboring states such as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, etc.   Its efficient, clean, and fairly new metro system (closes at midnight on the weekdays and 3am on the weekends) makes it extremely “walk-able” and convenient for travelers. Nightlife is very fun and lively with people walking and filling the streets of the major districts.

Imagine landscapes of rivers, water, walking across bridges in the middle of the night, gardens, flowers, lots of trees surrounding the freeway, and cherry blossom trees (a gift from Japan and the only other city to have cherry blossoms – sakura – continuously growing there); imagine an architecture of lots of WHITE classical/european/british style buildings as well as neighborhoods of HUGE colonial brick houses with several rooms, porches, balconies, and GIANT tall trees in their HUGE backyards (they even tie up GIANT swings and go “swinging” in the backyard while having a “fire” in the barbecue); imagine a culture of AMAZING chesapeake crab cakes/sea food, (a mix of ethnicities as mentioned before business people, kind/friendly locals, a few minutes outside of DC you also have the “good ol wholesome American families”), and THAT is a glimpse of what it is like to be in Washington D.C.!

When you come to D.C., it makes you want to learn more about American History and become more aware of current events as well.





International Spy Museum





  • The Big Hunt

GEORGETOWN – waterfront bars & restaurants



Close by Outside of DC (15-20 minute metro ride, short taxi ride)

ROSSLYN, Virginia




Be careful around Downtown and Capitol Hill.

Take the usual safety precautions, but you’ll be fine! Happy and safe travels!

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