Must Eat New York Food Recommendations

New York Food Recommendations

Since there are sooo many good restaurants (and bars) everywhere on practically every street corner,

Keep in mind, most businesses close within a year

due to so much competition everywhere.

Any place open for several years in NY is considered good!!

1) Bagels, pretzels, pizza, and hot dogs anywhere or sold on the street

2) Gray’s Papaya (Hot Dogs)

3) Mamoun’s Falafel Place – EAST VILLAGE

  • It’s just a little hole in the wall (only 2 or 3 seats so people usually grab and go; line can go out the door but they prepare the food quickly)
  • You can sit in washington square park for a few minutes watching the street performers while you eat then continue walkin around the city
  • or you can walk down St. Mark’s Street & sit at Tompkins Square Park (though not as nice as Washington square park)

4) Rudy’s in Hell’s Kitchen – Get free hot dogs with every beer purchase

  • Order blonde beer
  • Long lasting nyc institution been around for 100 years
  • 627 9th avenue between 44th and 45th street

5) Martini Bar called Vintage

6) Birdland – Cajun/creole food

7) Carbone  – Italian

8) Pegu – Chinese Themed Bar

9) The Republic – Pan Asian food

10) Cafetasia – Thai/Curry union square

11) Maoz – Vegetarian/Falafel

12) Big Nicks Diner – Midtown

13) Cloisters

Upper West Side

14)  Strictly Roots – Vegan Soul Food
at a GREAT value like 6-8 a plate and its all REALLY good… very rasta

15) Sylvia Soul Food

  • If you want we can also go to one of the more popular soul food restaurants in harlem like sylvias –
  • Meat fried chicken and waffels are the stable menu item there.
  • Slightly over priced, and isn’t much different than the Roscoes chicken and waffel in LB.
  • However, Sylvias is that one tourist restaurant in harlem everyone flocks over too

16) Casa Frela

  • Africa heritage art gallery that has works of many contemporary African American artists and is something really unique considering the history of that area
  • It is only open on friday from 12-4pm

17) Sip Bar  –  Happy Hour 5pm-7pm

18) Magnolia Bakery – Cupcakes! on Bleecker St.

long line out the door! Very sweet with lots of frosting!

More Food Recommendations and Photos to Come!

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