Macanudo Argentina! Nostalgic Video Montage

Travel Ganas “dives in the culture ” and “hangs out with the locals”

in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza Argentina.

Macanudo = old school term for “cool”, “awesome”

Video Highlights

  • Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires
  • Aerosilla up the Carlos Paz Mountain
  • Dancing in the streets en el Centro, Cordoba – Calle Obispo Peatonal
  • Eating with Argentinian and Brazilian friends at Alfonsina Restaurante
  • Maria Maria Boliche/Salsa Club International Night
  • Hanging out at local’s house in Buenos Aires
  • Copa America Quarterfinals Game Brazil vs Paraguay in La Plata
  • Puerto Madero Tango Show and Lessons
  • Eating Asado in Argentinian Family’s home in Cordoba
  • Bomba del Tiempo Percussion Show in Buenos Aires
  • Taxi Driver of Buenos Aires
  • Fitting 8 people in 1 taxi
  • Walking the streets of Mendoza
  • Por Aca Bar & Boliche (Club) in Mendoza
  • Manuel’s pick up lines/piropos in Spanish “Que caramelito”
  • Running, Singing, and Dancing in the streets to Eve 6 Here’s to the Night in Palermo, Buenos Aires

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