Barcelona Nightlife Recommendations


Clubs aka “discotecas”

Most people go to the discotecas around 3:30am

There might be a slight cover 5-10 euro, but it includes a drink. It just depends also on the DJ

They dress up and they are pretty fashionable, but not as dressed up compared to “Hollywood” or “LA”

Google Map of Bars and Discotecas

  • Apollo (area not as nice or safe, but just be aware or your belongings..and you’ll be fine!)
  • Featured House DJ’s such as Steve Aoki
  • Long line..get there around 1am
  • Razzmattazz – very famous – near Marina Metro Stop
  • 3 floors
  • Get there around 1am
  • Several rooms with different music themes/DJ’s
  • Catwalk  it’s on “El Puerto” on the beach
  • Plays pop, hip hop, house
  • Green lasers
  • dark, not a GIANT club like Apollo or Razzmattazz
  • Opium Mar – next to Catwalk
  • Plays reggaeton and house
  • Next to the ocean
  • more upscale, chic, modern decor/furniture, smaller bar, more people dressed up
  • Several bars next to each other on “El Puerto”:
  • I went in Feb. 2010 on a thursday night at 1am and it was pretty dead/empty though?
  • Maybe it was too early? Maybe it’s not the place to go anymore! It was kind of a “trashy” crowd

La Paloma- -note* i think this is closed now

I believe this club is near Las Ramblas.
Its a neat club with a good atmosphere.
Locals and tourists alike would come here for some get down action!

Cat’s (it had a sign with a cat on it)-
This is closer to Puerto Olympico (really close to it, like next door almost).
Very close to the Bikini Bar which is right off the beach.
Its a two story loungy, somewhat more posh club.
When I went it was a 5 euro cover, but your first drink was free.

Bikini Bar-

more touristy spot with prices of drinks that match, but this place can be pretty fun. There is some room to dance and gogo dancers.

Chupitos Bar-Espiritu Chupitos.
over by “the face” sculpture and the Provenca Metro (i think).
They have around 500 shots, most of them interactive.
Get one of your guy friends the Monica Lewinsky or the Rambo. You HAVE to do this. Hands down one of my favortite bars of all time.
It is a narrow little bar with over 200 different shots written all along the walls.

Try the “Harry Potter”, they take halved oranges on top of shot glasses, absenth and vodka (i think), then freaking light everything ON FIRE and sprinkle cinnamon or somthing all over it and makes it start to spark a bit!
You squeeze the orange, take the shot, then eat the orange and repeat! O and they can make any shot into a 1 liter drink.
To this day, Chupitos remains the only place I know where you can get a ONE LITER LONG ISLAND (O shit!) for like 10 euros. Definite good preparty/midparty/all party place to go!

Champaneria/Can Paixano:

*I heard this place is good but not open very late
Ask for la Champaneria, the proper name isn’t as widely known.
This one is like REALLY close to to the “face”.
Its a standing room only spot that has one of the best selections of Cava for every price range.
PLUS you get a nice little ration of tapas with a bottle. Very chill, very cool!

Boadas Cocktail Bar-

It’s off La Rambla on the corner of Tallers.
This is the OLDEST cocktail bar in Barcelona!
Family owned and operated with some of the nicest people.
I would recomend going to this one dressed somewhat presentable (no shorts kind of thing). Freaking daiquiris DELICIOSOS!

Calle Tallers –
I tried going here end of Feb. 2010, but I didn’t see that many things? It was 1am so maybe everything is closed?

I heard it has some interesting little shops and bars. There was this one very,very local bar on the corner of some little alley intersecting with Tallers. From the outside it looks like it would just be a restaurant, but when you go in you see they serve ENORMOUS beers.
If you feel adventurous, i definitely encourage you guys to check out some spots down Tallers going into la Rival. Ask people if they know where the Absenth Bar is. If you can, I would definatly also try to hit up this old-world-looking bar. Plus who can say no to a little absenth?

Also there’s a club up at Tibidabo that’s cool, and you can sleep on the beach and watch the sun rise.


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