Paris Recommendations

ESSENTIAL: Paris’ Metro subway map


(Note: Charles De Gaulle Airport is at the top right hand corner, at the end of blue line B)

Things to see in Paris

1) The Eiffel Tower – icon of Paris! Best time to visit is in the evening, when the tower is lit up every hour.

2) Sacré Coeur, which is near Montmartre.  It’s the  church on a hill, which cute cafes and artsy stuff near by.

3) Château de Versailles – This used to King Louis XIV chateau.  It’s far from the city center, but worth the visit.



If you’re looking for a hostel to stay in Paris, I highly recommend Bureau des Voyages de la Jeunesse!

They have 2 locations: one near the Lourve and another in Quartier Latin.

I’ve stayed at the Quartier Latin, and I can say that it’s clean, safe, quiet, and well located. I would definitely stay here again.  The hostel provides basic breakfast in the early AM. But if you didn’t wake up in time for breakfast, you can walk over to a grocery store 1 block south to Rue Des Ecole to find fresh baguette and fresh fruits.

What I like best about this hostel is its location.  It’s near the latin quarter where all the small bars are nestled in cobble stone streets.  It’s within 5 mins walk to the Notre Dame, and 3 blocks away from the Seine River.  Notre Dame is well lit and absolutely beautiful in the evening.

BVJ Quartier Latin

44 rue des Bernardins

75005 Paris

Tel. 01 43 29 34 80



Other notes:

Carte Musee et Monument pass – (it doesn’t include Pompidou Center) – I wouldn’t recommend it.

Lourve is free!!! for all visitors on the first Sunday of each month and on July 14. Also, on Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., but only admission to the permanent collections is free for under-26s regardless of nationality (on presentation of ID).

Modern Art Museum – Pompidou Center – in Marais By Rue De Rivoli and Rue St. Antoine.

Museum of Fashion – Musee de la Mode et du Textile & Musee des Arts Decoratifs (by the Louvre)

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