“Must See, Eat, Do” for Bayonne – South West of France


Must visit:

Ttipia – a restaurant that has all you can drink cider.  It’s located in “petit bayonne”, where all the bars are. 

IDEA: dinner at Ttipia & then bar hopping!

Txotx – a famous Basque restaurant

Cazenve – a cafe with the best hot chocolate in the city


Must drink:

Patxaran – a Basque alcohol made with berries.  It’s fruity & strong!

Must do:

Watch a rugby game in Bayonne, because they have the best supports for rugby in France.

Best time of the year to visit Bayonne:

1st week of August – “party of Bayonne”.

The above recommendations are from our friends, Jerome & Guillaume.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on ““Must See, Eat, Do” for Bayonne – South West of France

  1. I was there last august. Amazing the way people enjoy the feast at both sides of the river! Everybody wearing red and white, even babies and pets. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, it is amazing the feasts at the river and the whole community is spirited and united – wearing the colors. Thanks so much for commenting and feel free to send us any videos, photos, advice, etc. that you would like posted on the site and help other fellow travelers! Happy and safet travels to you!

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