Must See, Must Do New York Sightseeing Recommendations

List of MUST SEE in NY

You probably know all these sights anyway!   Just staring at all the architecture is amazing.

Out of all the cities I have traveled in my life, including Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, etc. I have to say that NY is the most amazing in terms of sightseeing, monuments, and buildings. It also is the most unique because I have never seen so many different types of people- foreigners, travelers, tourists from all over the world jam packed walking around together there.  The city has such an energy alive in it- that city never sleeps.  At the same time, at first I felt claustrophobic there. The city does seem intimidating, can barely see the open sky, and not “homey” (not sure if I would want to live there), but it “grew” on me.
You can see all the major monuments of the city in about 4 days all day all night 😉

I would highly recommend buying a travel book and use the metro/subway map and sightseeing city map there as well..I think I still have my NY travel book if you want to borrow it!

It’s funny how people just cross the street there immediately without looking, while people here actually follow the traffic lights.

Visit each “District”/section of NY- each part of the city has its own character and Unique style/vibe

You can also check out the Sex and the City sights, there’s the Diner from the TV Show Seinfeld as well!


·         Times Square

·         UN building

Flat iron building, Chrysler building

Grand Central Station

·         Quick tour of Statue of Liberty
Port 49? near midtown there’s 30 min boat ride 45MPH to see statue of liberty, they spray water at you, play rock music

·         Double Decker Bus all throughout the city..$25? You can hop on at Time Square
Take the metro/subway as well (pretty dirty)

·         Rockefeller Center building during the day (famous ice skate rink)-

you can see the empire state building and radio city rockettes right across the way

·         Empire State Building at night

·        5th avenue

Other districts:


  • West Village – Union Square, NYU
  • It’s a phenomenon how many people hang out in the parks or just sit around

  • East Village
  • Tribeca/soho- fashion
  • Chinatown

  • Little Italy

  • Financial District – Ground Zero

  • Ellis Island – Immigration Museum

Central Park

·       HUGE, huge lake, playground/rides, rocks, food, vendors, and art sold there

Upper West Side– Columbia University, Lincoln Center


Outer neighborhoods:

Williamsburg– super hipster
Walk over the brooklyn bridge in the night which is a spectacular view and go to the bar there…union pool and alligator lounge – free pizza with a drink!
it is like crocodile lounge in the east village but in willaimsburg.


Brooklyn– “underground” boat parties, beer garden, Mccarren Park – lots of great concerts, you can drink in the park nearby!


·         Guggenheim

·         Museum Modern of Art (Dalí exhibit was there last time)
·         Metropolitan Museum of Art- the Met is the biggest, historical artifacts (Egyptian, etc)


·         Go to STRAWBERRY store in midtown- it’s like forever 21!!! amazing clothes at AFFORDABLE price

·         Or you can shop in Soho, 5th Avenue, etc. but it can get pricey

·         OUTSIDE OF MANHATTAN- Brooklyn- fashion/clothing is cheap


1) Fuerza Bruta –

the most amazing, artistic, creative, sensual, intriguing, exciting, explosive, colorful, rave-like, tribal, fiesta, festival like show I have seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing music!!!!!PAPER, WATER spraying,DJ, above you!!ONLY IN NY and ARGENTINA!!!
its like cirque de solil, and most are ex cirque performers at this theater by union square…and it is awesome…electronic/trance music, with this pool/stage above you…….thats a very new york thing.

go to 

Regular Price: $75.00 Tickets
TheaterMania Discount: $39.00 Tickets!
Value: YOU SAVE OVER 45%!
buy tickets
get tickets
by phone
purchase tickets
in person
Click Here
and use code FBTMC35

Call 212-947-8844
and mention codeFBTMC35

Daryl Roth Theatre Box Office
101 E. 15th St., NYC
Tues-Thurs 1-8pm, Fri-Sat 1-10pm, Sun 1-7pm

2) SEE A MUSICAL- go to TKTS stand in line
42nd and broadway

theres 3pm musicals or 8pm

You can try to do the “lottery” and go last minute where they sell the tickets cheap but you would be sitting in the very front

I hear chorus line is awesome
I saw west side story
Mamma Mia I Heard is pretty good or Les Miserables

2) STREET FAIRS – especially in the summer- festivals, concerts, etc.



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