Prague Transportation by Sarah Gleason

Sarah’s Prague Transportation Guide

It takes a while in a city to figure out the best places, so instead of making you search for them, here’s a list of places and how to get there! The map I gave you has all the tourist sights and here are the directions for bars, clubs, some café’s and restaurants. Enjoy and have a beer for me- na zdravi!

You should probably get a public transportation pass instead of buying a ticket each time you need it (18 crowns for 75 minutes of travel). If you do get a single ticket, make sure you validate it on the tram or metro when you get on the first time (on the tram it’s the box on the poles, on the metro, it’s before you go downstairs). Keep your tram pass on you at all times. Every so often an officer will enter the tram unannounced and ask to see your pass. If you don’t show him right away, he’ll make you pay 700 crowns.

Important: All trams run until midnight and then the night trams start (any tram in the 50s i.e. 57). If you ever get lost at night, get on a tram that goes to Lazarska and switch to your tram there- ALL night trams stop there.

Also, when you go up to a tram stop, on the schedule, it will list all the places it stops at and how long it takes to get to each stop from the stop you’re at (the numbers next to each stop on the list is how many minutes it takes to get there from your location). If you stop doesn’t have a number, you’re on the wrong side of the street and need the tram going the other way.

Taxis: try not to take a taxi you hail on the street cause they will rip you off! Call ahead. These places have English operators and won’t rip you off:

AAA: +420 222 333 222

City Taxi: +420 256 257 257

Currency Conversion- might not be exactly current, but will be a good estimate

US $ CZ crowns US $ CZ crowns CZ crowns US$
1 17 30 523 200 11.50
5 87 35 610 400 23.00
10 174 40 697 600 34.50
15 261 50 871 1000 57.50
20 384 75 1306 2000 114.85
25 435 100 1741 5000 287.00

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