Prague Nightlife by Sarah Gleason

Bars and clubs to check out:

Radost FX-club. Free for girls on Thursday nights.

Bělehradská 120, Praha 2

Trams- 4,6,10,16,23,51,56,57,59 to I.P. Pavlova. Get off, walk straight ahead to corner, make left. It will be immediately on your right.

Mecca-club. Kind of far away, but the club district is outside the city center, so only go if you want to stay there all night.

U Průhonu 3, Praha 7

Trams- 5, 12, 15, 54 to U Průhonu. Make left on U Průhonu.

Bus- 503, 509, 513 to Argentinska. Make right onto Průhonu.

U Sudu- GREAT bar. Our favorite- it’s underground in a tavern. Very relaxed, popular with Czechs, cheap.

Vodičkova 677, Praha 1

Trams-3,9,14,24,51,54,55,56,58 to Lazarská. Get off, walk straight 1+ blocks, it will be at the end where the road ends.

Futurum-Club. 80’s-90’s music (lots of Abba and Spice Girls) very fun. Not too big or crazy. Our favorite club. Closes at 3 a.m.

Zborovská 7, Praha 5

Trams- 4,7,8,10,58,59 to Anděl. Walk 2 blocks on Lidička towards the river, turn left on Zborovská

Blind Eye-Awesome bar. Karaoke on Monday nights. Mostly ex-pat’s so English is good here. If you go here at night, keep the tram schedule in mind as always—stops only come every 30 minutes!

Vlkova 26, Praha 3.

Trams- 5,9,26,55,58 to Husincká. Go straight, turn right onto Krásova. It is on the corner of Krasova and Vlkova. Careful, there is only a small sign.

Nebe- cool bar with giant fishbowl drinks for sharing with giant straws. Fun! Křemencova 10, Praha 1.

Trams- 3,9,14,24,51,52,54,55,56,58 to Lazarská. Get off and walk towards Spálená, make a left. Make a right onto Myslikova and then right onto Křemencova. Beware, coat check is mandatory and they will yell at you in angry czech if you don’t check them right away.

Cross Club-good, but sometimes sketchy club. I believe it’s free on Thursday nights. Plynání 1096, Praha 7.

Trams-5,12,15,54 to Nádraži Holešovice. Get off and walk towards Jankovcova, it will be on your right before Argentinská.

Karlovy Lažné- THE five story club. Go at your own risk there are some SKETCHY foreigners there. Be careful. Not all the stories are open on weeknights.

Smetanvoo Nábřeži  198, Praha 1

Trams- could easily walk there from Old Town or take 17,18,53 to Karovz Lázně and walk towards the Charles Bridge, it will be on the same side of the street as the river.

Hany Bany (pronounced Honey bunny)- cute, university student bar. SMALL and always crowded, but sometimes you get lucky. Get there around 10 p.m. if you want a good table.  This is Kelly’s favorite bar in Prague.

Veleslavínova 5, Praha 1 Trams-17,18,53 to Staroměstská (metro line A too) Walk away from Kaprova, turn left onto Veleslavínova and it will be on your left.

The Pub-fun bar. Each table has its own tap and there’s a scoreboard on a giant screen to see which table drinks the most. If you don’t have a reservation, go to the tables downstairs.

Veleslavínova-right next to Hany Bany (see directions)

Zanzi Bar: lowkey little place off the Charles Bridge. If you take the 22 and get off at Malonstranska Namesti, walk toward the bridge. Right before the entrance to the bridge, make a left. You’ll see the sign on the right hand side. This place sells drinks half price for girls on Wednesday nights.

–Also, this is the direction to take to go to the John Lennon Wall (just farther up the street and on the left) and one of the ways to get to Kampa Island.

Redunta Jazz Club- live Jazz every night from 9;30+ Cool place, very small, but famous (Bill Clinton even played there)

Národní 20, Praha 1

Trams-6,9,18,22,23,53,57,58,59 to Národní Trida. Walk towards Národní and turn left. It will be on your left-hand side.

Chapeau Rogue-Bar and club. I didn’t really like it here, but it is pretty popular with Americans.

Jakubská 2, Praha 2

Trams- EASY walk from old town and not really close to any trams…

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