Prague Food Recommendations by Sarah Gleason

Saint Nicholas Café: Well, if you’re craving pizza, this place is really good. Take the 22 to Malonstranska Namesti and walk as if you’re going to the entrance of St. Nicolas Church. Get off the tram, walk past the Starbucks and turn right. Spot the green sign on the left. There’s also a cute vintage shop a couple stores up that an ex-Czech model owns.

Café Lourve- one of Prague’s most famous cafés with old patrons like Kafka and Einstein. Good food, a little pricey, but not too bad. It’s above the Redunta.

Národní 22, Praha 1

Trams- right next to and upstairs to Redunta (see directions)

Kavárna Slavia-Art Deco café-restaurant. Another one of Prague’s most famous. Right across the street from Národní Divadlo (the national theater) A little pricey, but nice. Smetanovo Nábřeži 2, Praha 1

Trams- 6,9,17,18,21,22,23 to Národní Divadlo, it will be right there when you get off.

Grand Café Orient- Beautiful coffee shop/café. One of the few examples of cubist architecture and furniture in the world. The pianist speaks English and takes requests!

Ovocný trh 19, Praha 1

Trams: easy walk from Old Town. Starting in Old Town square, walk towards Celetna. (the street that exits by the Salvador Dali museum). Walk straight down the street/alley until you get to a small side street- Ovocný trh, turn right, but it will be on the corner, you have to go upstairs. Careful, there’s only a little sign, but down stairs has a window display of cubist furniture.

The Globe-English café and bookstore. Great happy hour- 1 dollar wine and free movie screenings of the classics on Sunday nights at 8 p.m.

Pštrossova 6, Praha 1

Trams- can walk from Národní Divadlo (6,9,17,18,21,22,23) Go towards river, make left onto Masarykovo Nábřeži, left onto Myslikova, left on Přtrossova. It will be on the right. If you pretend like you’re going to the opera house, walk through the open lobby and the street you need is behind it on your left.

La Bastille Restaurant-French-Czech restaurant. Great goulash.

újezd 26, Praha 1

Trams-6,9,12,20,22,23,57,58,59 to újezd. Walk north on Ujezd, it will be on the right.

La Cantina Restaurant: pricey place but if you’re craving Mexican food, it’s here! It’s right next to La Bastille on Ujezd.

Shadow Café- bar/low key club.

újezd 16, Praha 1

Trams- next to La Bastille (see directions)

U Malého Glana- Jazz and blues club/bar. Very relaxed and pretty small.

Karmelitská 23, Praha 1

Trams- 12,20,22,23,57 to Malostranské Náměsti. Walk towards Mostecká on Karmelitská and it will be on your right at a corner.

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