Important Czech Words and Phrases by Sarah Gleason

Important Czech words and phrases:

Dobrý den (DoeBree Den)- good day, Say this whenever you enter a store, restaurant, etc.

Ahoj (Ahoy- like a pirate)- hello, informal

Na Shledanou (NasClayDonO- say as one word)- good bye

Na Zdravi (NawS DraveE)- cheers! If you do this right, say “na zdravi!” hit everyone’s drink, hit your drink on the table and then take a gulp. It’ll be one of the rare times a Czech will smile at you.

Prosím (ProSeam)- please, you’re welcome, excuse me. (use “Prominte”—also excuse me or sorry—more formally…like if you knock over an old lady in the tram.)

Dekuju (DayCoo You)- thank you

Pivo (PeeVO)- beer

Voda (VO-Da) water and Voda Neperlivo (NepPerLeeVO)- still water

Učet (EwwChet) prosím- check please

Ano (ahNO)- yes

Ne (neigh- like a horse)- no

Tramvaj (TramVie)- tram

Kde je tramvaj/metro? (KaDay yay tramVie or metro)- where is the tram or metro?

Mluvíte Anglicky? (MlooVeeTay AnGlisKey)- do you speak English?

Nemluvím český (NeighMlooVim ChessKey) I don’t speak Czech.

Nerozumím český (NeighRowZuMim ChessKey) I don’t understand Czech

Jak se maš? (YaK say MaSH)- How are you?

Dobře (DobZay)- good

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