(Spain) Español Survival Phrases


(Spanish from Spain)

Spanish spoken in Spain is different from other Spanish spoken in other countries.

Each spanish speaking country has its own slang.



It’s similar to the US vs. Britain/UK “English”

We both speak English, but we have our own accents and use different words.

Example: British use slang such as “Bollocks”, “the tube”, “the loo”, “bloody”, “bugger”

How Spaniards Speak Differently


1) Spaniards speak REALLY FAST

*the s, c, or z letters they pronounce with a “lisp” sound..almost a “th” sound, not the typical “s” sound

Example: corazon (heart) pronounced “coraTHon”


2) they cut letters off of words and slur them together

(do not pronounce it completely and clearly)

Example: He escuchado = I have heard, pronounced “e escuchao” ..

They even type their slang in the spanish facebook: www.tuenti.com or on MSN Live Windows Messenger IM:

mucho = muxo

que pasa = k pasa

tambien = tb

guapo = wapo

gracia.. instead of gracias (pronounced grasthia)

cerveza (z pronounced = cervestha)

In the South (Andalucía), they often speak faster, more likely to slur words.

Each region or state has its own accent and slang as well

(similar to US – people in the South speak differently than some “Valley Girl” accent from people on the West Coast)


3) They use vosotros.

Instead of using “Ustedes” them/you all/they- which they say is more formal. Vosotros is the equivalent of “yall” or “you guys”- more casual. You use it when addressing more than one person or a group.

De donde soís?   Where are you all from?

Adónde vaís?      Where are you guys going?

Habeís estado?  Have you all been…

Donde estaís?    How are you all?

Teneís You all have…


4) Different Word Examples between Spanish Speaking Countries:

S = Spain

M = Mexico


Mexico – carro

Spain – coche


Mexico – computadora

Spain – ordenador


M – cómico, chistoso

S – gracioso


M- Boleto

S – Entrada o Billete

Cell phone:

M – Cellular

S – Móvil

M – Qué pasó? (past) What happened? = What’s up? What’s goin on?

S- Qué pasa? (present) What’s happening? = What’s up? What’s goin on?

Verbs used more frequently

M – verb = Regresar (return)

S – verb = Volver (return)


5) Spaniards use more “have ____” verb tense vs. past tense

Mexican Spanish uses past tense more frequently


You just ate lunch.

English: What did you eat earlier today?

M: Qué comíste? What did you eat?

S: Qué has comido? What have you eaten?

Both are same meanings, but anything that you did today is used

with the verb = have ____

All in all, different words are used more frequently, but it’s still the same language and you will most likely understand what each other is trying to stay.


Basic Phrases/Slang below

vale/ vale? = okay, alright (they say this ALL the time..at the end of sentences or in response to questions)

no pasa nada= no worries, nevermind, it’s all good, dont worry about it. literally translates= nothing passes

tio = dude, guy, man, bro

tia = girl, woman, dude

name you call a friend or cool person

They end almost every phrase and sentence with ___ “tio”!

friki or heavy = weird, goth, heavy metal, rock person

guiri (almost sounds like giddy) = tourists

es un CRACK = he/she is an awesome person

eres una máquina = you are a MACHINE!

Que personaje! = what a character!

paro = unemployment (Spain has 22% unemployment right now .. 1 out of every 4 young person out of college is out of a job!)

curro/trabajo = job



que pasa tio= what’s up, what’s going on
que tal= how’s it going
como te va todo?= how’s everything going for you
buenos dias= good morning
buenas tardes= good afternoon
buenas noches= good night
they will usually just say ” buenas”  to each other..like hello when passing each other on the street
hola= hello
que tal?= hows it going
como estas= how are you

Muy bien = very good, really good..I’m doing good

por favor, por fa = please..sometimes can be used as COME ON.. like are you serious?

gracias (the s, c, or z letters they pronounce with a “lisp” sound..almost a “th” sound, not the typical “s” sound



que guapo, que chulo, que guay, como mola = How Cool! Tight! how “good looking”, nice

que locura= karaziness, rager, insanity!
genial!= great! awesome
es de puta madre! = fucking awesome, it’s the shit! hah
bebe = drink!

hombre… (when starting a sentence) = man..

bueno..or pues..(when starting a sentence) = well, um
JODER! (pronounced joer)= shit, fuck, oh snaps
ostiaa/hostia = oh snaps, awesome
me cago en la leche = literally means i shit in the milk= means shit! haha
que cabron/jilipolla= what a bastard, asshole!

cajones = balls

madre mía = mama mia, oh my goodness

dejame en paz! = leave me in peace..dejame= leave me alone!!
buenisimoo= soo good

en serio? For real? are you serious? seriously?

es verdad = true? right?

___ end the sentence in ..no? or eh? = right?

espera un momento! esperate = wait


Conversation Starters:

Dónde vives= where do you live?
de dónde eres= where are you from? (What ethnicity are you)
soy de california = i’m from california
cuál es tu carrera = what is your major?
en qué trabajas, donde trabajas? = what do you do for work, where do you work?
cuantos años tienes= how old are you?
te gusta…bailar, deportes, ____ = do you like…to dance, sports?
qué tipo de musica, etc te gusta? = what kind of music do you like?
vamos ya! = let’s go now!
me gusta ___ = I like
quiero bailar! quieres bailar conmigo? = i want to dance, do you want to dance with me?

quiero salir = I want to go out!

vamos a ir de marcha = Gonna “go out on the town”

Vamos a hacer botellon en casa = we’re going to do a house party

eres muy muy guapo/guapa = you are very good looking/beautiful



la cuenta= check

adonde vamos = where are we going?

qué recomiendas?= what do you recommend

tienes algunas surgerencias? = do you have any suggestions?

cuales lo mejor, lo mas popular = what is the best or most popular
perdona= excuse me
cuanto cuesta or cuanto vale? = how much?
un or una ____ por favor = one of ___ please (use when ordering)
hotel = hotel
hostal = hostel
habitacion = room
tren = train
taxi= taxi
tengo hambre, tengo sed, sueno= i’m hungry, i’m thirsty, i’m tired
esta completa= it’s full, all rooms are taken/complete
Donde estan los servicios/aseos? (bano) where is the bathroom?
cuando es..? when is..
como? how?
por que? why?
me gustaria.. – i would like..
discoteca = club
botellon = party in the street, drinking in public, fiesta, buy alcohol drinks, ice, cups
billete = ticket (for train, for flight)

entradas= ticket into show/concert
vamos a quedar! = let’s hang out
me voy a..= I’m going to..

ya = now, already

ahora mismo = at this very moment



venga = confirming it, yes, – something they say when they get off the phone..alright

nos vemos pronto = we’ll see each other soon

cuidate = take care

un abrazo = hug

un beso, besos, besitos = one kiss, kisses
they say this when they leave or say goodbye to each other (or at the end of an email/letter/ or text message)

(when you meet someone they do 2 besos..one kiss on the left cheek, then right cheek- they don’t shake hands)
hasta luego = see you later
que lo pases bien =  (hope u, may you) have fun!

que te vayas muy bien = hope you’re doing well, hope everything goes well for you

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    • How exciting! Are you fluent in the slang now? =) Are you teaching english? how’s do you like the life/culture there? and how long are you living there? Have an amazing time! We miss it there so much! Echamos de menos España muchísimooo!
      Esperamos que lo hayas pasado muy bien y ya te hayas acostrumbrado! Disfruta de todo!! Es un país maravillosoo y tienes que aprovechar de tu tiempo alla! Conoce la gente y la cultura!!!

    • We are glad that you are satisfied with the post. Nos alegra que le guste el post. Avisanos si quiere que pongamos mas fotos, videos, informacion o un articulo de su empresa. Podriamos promocionarles y hacernos un asociación. Saludos y estamos en contacto.

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